Stéphanie Valentin is an artist with thousands of fans on Internet. Expressing her sensitivity in various artistic fields, she is a violinist, painter, illustrator and animator 2D / 3D, author, sculptor, designer for vegan clothing and cork bags. She has more than 66 million views on Youtube where she was ranked n°1 of the female songwriters in France.


Musical studies from a young age have allowed her to acquire dexterity and fluency in many styles: Eastern music, jazz, country, flamenco, gypsy jazz, Irish, Celtic, Eastern music , variety, lounge and electro. After graduating from the Conservatoire de Toulon, she met recognized musicians to learn new techniques: Florin Niculescu, Ludovic Beier, Pierre Blanchard …

She has also studied other instruments that she uses in her original songs : flute, guitar, piano, accordion, accordina … Since the age of 17, she plays for concerts, private events and recordings. With electric violin, she plays in the first part of “Kool and the gang” at the Berlin Tempodrom, performs in the biggest theaters in Europe as a solo violinist in the musical “The Little Mermaid” by Christian Schittenhelm , plays with Eric McFadden during his tours in France, participates in many albums and composes for movies, plays, etc. Activist for animal rights, she plays and sings in several festivals. Currently, she performs mainly with her group of violinists Elea Violins and the duo Origin’Elles created with Aude Mathis. She uses either her classical violin or a 7-string violin created by Mark Wood, the Viper.


Participation on the albums of : 

  • Sébastien Agius – Ma Chance (2011) – Gagnant X-Factor
  • Bluegrass Special
  • Sirenia – The Enigma of Life (2011) – Gothic Métal
  • Sirenia – The 13th Floor (2009) – Gothic Métal
  • Sirenia – Arcane Astral Aeons (2018) – Gothic Métal
  • Eddy Ray Cooper – I Save My Soul (2006) – Country
  • Alias – Chanson Française
  • Richart Lesage – Chanson Française
  • Holy Wood – Country Rock


Festival de Cognac, Théatre du Léman, La Villette, Zenith d’Amiens, Zenith de Pau, le New Morning, le Café de la Danse, festival de guitare de Nice , Radio Saint Tropez, Radio Cannes,…


Stephanie always loves drawing and painting. She learned the basics with her uncle who was a great painter. At 18, she took courses in stone carving, but the hammer blows on her violinist fingers encouraged her to follow another path, and she started to modeling clay. Thereafter, she learned to make molds, resins and tin and sent her sculptures to a foundry. Her bronzes and oil paintings are exhibited in several galleries in New York and Saint-Paul de Vence.

She was also interested in digital arts and she learnt using software like Photoshop, Illustrator, 3D Studio Max, First, After Effects … 

With her husband who is programmer, they make educational software together and create Serial Clicker, a development studio. They win the multimedia prize of Adelouzes with one of their 3D creations. Together, they make videos of Stephanie’s musical compositions. For some, she mixed different 2D and 3D techniques (Vagalam). 


From 2007, she develops her own digital painting techniques and tools that she transmits using tutorials on her Youtube channel.


Vegetarian since 2006, Stephanie became vegan in 2012 after seeing videos released by L214. She decided to be active for animal rights.

In 2012, she printed her vegan illustrations on t-shirts and canvas to raise funds for associations. Then she learned different printing techniques including flexography and printed her illustrations herself on ecologically produced clothes. She created the St Val Shop. She loves sewing too, so she creates cork bags to offer an ethical alternative to leather.

In 2016, to raise children’s awareness of the animal cause, she created the Veganimo website and wrote a book, “Pouiki le petit cochon”.

She also organize actions as ambassador Vegoresto and L214 referent. She gives concerts with her songs to the benefit of associations.